Brawl Stars character review – Ricochet

Introducing the new star Brawl Stars – Ricochet. You can learn his skills and learn the characteristics of this epic character in this article.

Character Review RIKOSHET

Brawler ricochet

Ricochet – a character from the game Brawl Stars, who fights from a distance with a machine gun, which makes several shots per second and can hit a large number of enemies! This fighter plays as a shooter support because of his relatively low health. Avoid participation in the fight and keep at a distance from enemies when moving around the map.

Type: Long Range
Speed: 720
Rarity: Super Rare


Air bullets.
This is the time of Ricochet. The bounce shots inflict a base damage of 80 units on one bullet, and he shoots five of them. If you take aim correctly and hit a fighter with all five shots, you will do 400 damage! You only need to hit Shelley ten times to kill her, and Ricochet’s bullets are hard to avoid because they fly very fast and bounce off the walls. A great way to defeat the enemy 1 on 1, where Rick fights, is to throw them into a narrow passage and shoot at the walls, causing a series of bullets through which your enemy must pass to get to you.

“Rick shoots an accurate volley of special bullets. They ricochet dangerously and can hit targets behind cover.”

The two best attributes of Ricochet are the firing range and its jumping bullets. Often, enemies shoot from behind cover and do not get them with ordinary weapons, and here Ricochet comes to help with his miracle with bullets capable of literally jumping after the enemies until they reach their goal.

In command modes, Ricochet acts as a sniper and covers with fire, because if he rushes into battle, he will surely die! It is better suited to beating off enemies, hiding in the grass or behind El Primo.

Do not use Ricochet in Showdown due to its minimal health. All the same, perish and can not succeed.

The minus of Ricochet is his health. Its meager 500 health makes it very easy prey. Ricochet will lose approximately every 1 on 1 standoff, unless you are pursued by El Primo.


Ricochet has tremendous potential to become a great warrior, but he lacks the health to come out on top. Instead, he falls into the shadow of the Colt. However, you can kill a lot with an opponent with experience.

Just do not forget:

  1. Never get close, it’s mostly suicide.
  2. Hide behind the walls so that they absorb the damage for you.

In the right hands, Ricochet can become the best fighter in the game.

Good game!

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