New update of the private server Rebrawl 25.107.49-mortar battalion 2020

The private rebrawl server has received a new update. A new character based on penny, an improved Raven, and other changes are already available on the servers.

Update of the private server Rebrawl 25.107.49 from February 07, 2020

rebrawl 25.107.49

Like Lwarb, this private server is updated on Fridays, so today we saw a new update.

What’s new:

  • New brawler – Mortar.
  • Improved Raven.
  • New game cards.
  • Fixed a non-standard skin for penny.

Hidden community maps

Surrender Storm Capture camera

Two new custom community maps are now available on re Brawl. ReBrawl community maps are exclusive, you won’t find them in the regular Brawl Stars game.

DOWNLOAD for Android

Classic private server:

Rebrawl Mods:

Rebrawl legacy:

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