BRAWL STARS character review – POCO

Hello to Brawl Stars fans! Today we will share with you our review on Brawl Stars Poco. We will teach you how to use Poco Brawl Stars and win the game. This is a new perfect support warrior. In this article you will learn all his characteristics and skills.

POCO character

Brauler POCO

POCO is a rare character that is very difficult to get, but worth it. He is one of the few units that has received deserved recognition in the very first changes in the balance of Brawl Stars.

His attack, Power Chord, has one of the widest ranges of attack in the game. He is, without a doubt, one of the best warriors, not counting Shelley. I got it at level 6. Now he delivers 200 DMG per hit. Very useful in the events of Bounty and Smash & Grab.

Despite the fact that POCO can heal itself with a minimum of 460 HP, be sure to cure your friends too! BRAVL STARS is a team game, if you and your comrades do not need treatment, keep it at the max level. With the ability to heal yourself and your comrades, you will be able to last as long as possible on the battlefield, which will greatly increase your chances of winning.

Why use Poco? Poco is perfect for those players who want to play as support in the game.

Poko, being a ranged fighter, doesn’t actually do much damage, even his ranged attacks are not so long.

What makes Poko great is the proliferation of his attacks, which becomes more widespread as it develops. This will allow Poco to hit several targets.

But the main highlight for Poko is his super attack, which heals himself and any teammates near him. His super shot can pass through walls, so you can hide behind walls and still heal your allies.

Since Poco is a support, you would like him to stay alive as long as possible. You want to run, deliver simple blows when there is such an opportunity, but, above all, use your Super ability to heal teammates when possible.

Name: POKObrawler with a guitar
Type: remote (far)
Speed: 650
Points of damage: 800
Rarity: rare


Poco’s main attack is called Power Chord. Poko plays the guitar by sending sound waves. Enemies hit by the waves take damage.

Poco Super Attack’s super attack is called Encore. Poco plays an uplifting melody that heals himself and any teammates within reach.

Poco can be unlocked at a cost of 100 gold or can be bought at a game store.

Tips on playing Poco in Bravl Stars

How to play using Poco? Poco is definitely the official healer on the Brawl Stars character list.

How to use Super Poko Ability? Poco’s super-attack called Encore is certainly great because it can heal itself and your teammates.

This super attack can also pass through walls, allowing you to heal allies on the other side of shelters.

To use over Poko’s ability, you must be sure that you are there when your teammates start attacking. With Poco’s widespread conventional attacks, you can just take this shot at several targets and then run back and forth. This will allow Poco to quickly charge its ability to heal.

Recommended control mode for Poco? When playing Poco, you will want to move around, so you should use the joystick mode.

This will allow Poco to move quickly, making it easier to flee or dodge enemy attacks.

Setting up the game will depend on the skill of each player, so you can check the settings yourself and decide which one suits you.

How to resist Poco? It goes without saying that playing against Poko is very easy.

This Brawl Stars character plays as a support, healing himself and his teammates. He may be able to take a few shots, but they don’t do so much damage, so you can just rush at him and kill him easily.

The basic or basic attack of Poco is widespread, so it can be very difficult to dodge when you are within sight. But it can also be the best time for you to close the distance and conduct a counterattack.

This concludes our review. Let’s hope you learned something new from our Brawl Stars character strategy guide.

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