Download private server Nulls Royale 3.2 with the spirit of healing

The Nulls Royale private server has been updated to the new season 10 and received a new healing spirit map and much more.

Nulls Royale 3.2-new Emoji map and season 10

Characteristics of the healing spirit:

Title: spirit of healing
Rarity: rare
Type: spell

Level in the test:

Health: 191
Speed: very high

Maximum level:

Health: 279
Speed: very high

Not so long ago, Flared Piano was updated to a new version of the game, which added a new healing spirit map, new skins for towers, and more. And now the private server Nulls Royal has released its own version of the game update in which you will have access to all the innovations of the original game along with unlimited resources and online battles.

What’s new in version 3.2:

  • Infinite resources in the form of gems and gold.
  • New cards, such as the Royal mail or the Spirit of healing.
  • The entire collection of rare and common emojis.
  • Added modified maps, these are the ones you won’t see in the original game.
  • Online fights 1 on 1 and 2 on 2.
  • Quick commands for improving maps and more (for example “/full»).
  • Permanent online server (24 hours a day).

DOWNLOAD NULLS Royale 3.2 apk Mod

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