Download new NULLS BRAWL 30.242 with AMBER

The new version of Nulls Brawl private server with Amber, unlimited features and online battles are on the way. In the new version of hacking you will be waiting for new skins, updated game balance, new theme and design.

AMBER – New Brawler with NULLS BRAWL

NULLS BRAWL with amber

Recall that this new heroine commands the elements of fire. She shoots fire, and Super gives the opportunity to throw the Molotov cocktail at a group of enemies, inflicting severe damage over a large area.

As in the original upgrade, the fighter can be kicked out of the boxes, which are unlimited on the server.

The main changes to the private server:

  • New Bravler Amber.
  • New Silver and Gold skins.
  • New themed skins for Rosa, Colt and Bo.
  • New test Brawl-o-ween.
  • For the first time – its own map editor.
  • A new function for moving on the map – teleport.

Download NULLS BRAWL 30.242 from Amber to Android

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