Brawl Stars character review – Nita

Brawl Stars is a multiplayer action game for android smartphones, in which players fight in online 3×3 battles. We present you the personal details of the character Neath!

Star, brawler Nita

NITA Character – Brawl Stars

The latest Supercell developer game (Clash of Clans and Royal Clash) was unveiled and tells about Brawl Stars, a 3: 3 multiplayer game with various game modes.

Brawl Stars currently consists of 16 different characters called brawler. We will introduce them one by one, and in this article you will find the character Nita, the Fighter who fights from a distance!

Имя: НитаNita Brawler
Type: remote (long-range)
Speed: 650
Points of damage: 800
Rupture: Nita sends a shock wave, it causes a rupture of the earth, and all opponents are hit by the earth.
Improvement: damage increased by 8.
Femdom: Nita refers to the spirit of a big bear who attacks his enemies.
Improvement: damage increased by 5.

Nita can be unlocked in the “brawl” (worth 100 gold) or bought for precious stones in the game store. All duplicates of Nita you will find later and all of them will be converted to tokens. These tokens will later be used as changeable chips for the purchase of Boilers that you have not yet opened.

Find all the other Brawlers on our website. We remind you that Brawl Stars is confirmed on Android, and will be released soon on iOS phones.

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