New version of the Brawl Stars private server-Rebrawl 50

Another update of the private server for the game Brawl Stars has been released. New skins, new game maps, and bug fixes are waiting for you. Read more details below.

Description of the private server Rebrawl version from February 14, 2020

update private server rebrawl 50

The private rebrawl server is a hacked original version of the game with the addition of custom mods. There are two versions of the server:

Classic – includes unlimited resources, bonus skins, and all standard game characters.

Mods – includes unlimited resources, bonus skins, a large number of exclusive characters, additional skins, robots, and more.

How to choose the version to choose is up to you.

What’s new

  • New skin.
  • Added exclusive game maps available only on this server.
  • Fixed an out-of-sync error when completing a friendly game.


new skins for the rebrawl 50 update

  • Night Primo
  • BEA Butterfly.
  • A New Bull.

Two new maps

new maps update rebral 50

Download private server Rebrawl 25.107-50

Classic private server:

Rebrawl Mods:

Rebrawl legacy:

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