New update for Brawl Stars 2020 with the brawlers sprout and Jackie

We present the announcement of big updates for the fight of stars 2020. We are waiting for two big updates – March and April, which will add new fighters, new skins and much more.

Update Brawl Stars with new Brawlers


The game developers have released a new Bravl Talk from which we learned about all the changes in the upcoming update of the game Bravl Stars. The main things here look like two things-new characters and a new feature for all characters starting from level 7-Gadgets.

Features of the next update:

  • New fighters Jacky and Spraut.
  • A new skill for brawlers – Gadgets. New Gadgets: abilities for every brawler
  • New background.
  • New loading screen.
  • New skins. New 4 Skins.
    New Darryl Remodel
  • Changed the system for searching for rivals. The character’s class will affect the prize.


Gadgets are a unique ability that every fighter in the game will have. They are unlocked at level 7 and can be found in boxes and in the store. They will be more accessible than the star forces, so they will be easier to find in the boxes. But using gadgets is not so easy, all because you can use them a limited number of times per match.




New this is a rare fighter that will be available to us in the new update. It will be armed with a jackhammer, which arranges an earthquake and thereby defeats opponents. We will be able to see how it will look soon. The game will appear in the March update of the game.

Its super is the ability to make a large hole that can fall into enemy characters.



The second announced brawler will be available in the April update of the game. This is a mythical character capable of hitting opponents with seeds.

Yes, this is a robot seeder who does not like to be distracted. He is armed with a ball with seeds, which when hit by the enemy explodes and hits the nearest targets.


New Skins

New skins March:

  • PSG Shelly.
  • Dark Bunny Penny.
  • EMZ student.
  • Mascot Darryl.
  • Darryl ‘s Redesign.

New skins April:

  • Coach Mike.
  • Horus Bo.
  • Tanuki Jessie.

Download the new update for fight of the stars 2020

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