Minigunner – New Brawl Stars character for android


Minigunner – New epic warrior for Brawl Stars. What are its characteristics and why is it needed? This is what we will try to find out today.

Minigunner has a couple of drawbacks, but this is due to its really good attributes.


Briefly about the new star Brawl Stars

Minigunner – A new epic character for Brawl Stars. This is a new warrior with a large stock of health and a minigun in his hands. In his hands a monstrous weapon. And although the accuracy of his bullets is not high, but the number of bullets flying at enemies is staggering. You will welcome such an ally.


With a health of 1,200, the Minigunner will look like a tank, but a bit weaker than the El Primo. He will be able to withstand more than the other blows. In addition, it will be immune to physical effects and cannot be discarded.


The minigunner carries a big minigun that shoots all enemies, even while on the move.

Minigunner has a speed of 550. This will make him the slowest warrior in the game.

Despite the low movement speed and slow reloading, the amount of damage that the minigunner does is off scale.

Now, to his special ability. One-of-a-kind Super Minigunner is very unique and you must use it wisely!

This will be a combination of a Jesse machine gun and a Poco kit.

See the work of the minigunner in action!

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