Jesse – Brawl Stars Review

Brawl Stars is a game for smartphones, in which various heroes participate in PvP battles 3 against 3. We will tell about one of these heroes of the browser today.

Brawler Jessie Brawl Stars

Jesse brawler of brawl stars

Brawl Stars is the latest Supercell game developer (Clash of Clans and Clash Royal). You are waiting for a multiplayer game for smartphones in the genre of shooter 3 vs 3.

Star Fights “is currently composed of 16 different characters, called bowlers. We will introduce them one by one, and in this article you will find the character Jesse, who fights at a distance using his own turret.


First Name: Jessie

Type: Long Range (Rifle)

Speed: 650
Damage points: 700


Shockle Riffle: Launches an energy ball that targets three players before exploding.
Improvement: damage increased by 8.
Improvement: damage increased by 3.

Jessie can be unlocked for the price of 100 gold or can be bought for precious stones in the game store. All copies of Jesse that you restore will be converted to tokens. These tokens will later be used as changeable chips to buy Bowlers that you have not yet opened.

Play on Android platforms today. Look for it on our site.

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