Download the new version of the private Nulls Brawl 24.150 server

There was a new crack in the latest version of the game Brawl stars with all the new characters and pirate skins. You are waiting for all the new changes in the original game, along with a mod for boxes and exclusive skins.

Description of a private Nulls server for brawl stars 24.150

On this private server you will find an already built-in mod for resources. You can immediately upgrade your characters to level 10 and open all game modes.

You can quickly improve all your characters including the new Max and Bea.

brawlers in nulls brawl

Exclusive skins

On this server you will find new skins that you will not see in the original game.

Skins for nulls 24.150

All new fighters from the latest official updates have been added.

A pirate ship, new chat enhancements, and a new game mode have also been added to this update.

Features of a private server:

  • Endless amount of crystals and game boxes.
  • Quick commands.
  • All new characters.
  • All new skins + exclusive.
  • All the innovations of the original game.
  • Online battles.
  • Friendly fights.
  • All game modes.

Download the new version of the private server for Brawl Stars 24.150

You can download the working version of the private Nulls Brawl server on your Android device from the link below through our website.

  [af_link id=”445″ rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”]Private server Nulls-Brawl v24.150 DOWNLOAD APK[/af_link]

Have a nice game.

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