Download the new Nulls Private Server Update

Eames on the Nulls Private Server

A new update has been released for the private Nulls server. The private server updated after the Lwarb server and contains all the latest changes in the game balance and new characters.

Description of the private server Null’s Brawl 22.99

Eames on the Nulls Private Server


Features update:

  • The long-awaited character EMZ along with all the stellar forces.
  • New game balance.
  • New skins.
  • Online fights.
  • Improved server performance.

In this version, developers added support for version 10 of the android, fixed bugs and optimized the game code.

Download Null’s Brawl 22.99 Private Server

You can download a private server from the link below through our file hosting service.

[af_link id=”426″ rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”]Nulls-Brawl 22.99 DOWNLOAD APK[/af_link]

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