Download the new Clash of Clans version 11.866.1 update

Greetings to all fans of online strategy Clash of Clans. A new update has been released for the game, which is dedicated to the upcoming Halloween. Here you will see the temporary hero of the Royal Ghost, a new clan search, new tags for players and much more. Read all the details below.

Description of the new update for Clash of Clans 2019

October clash of clans update

Ahead of the big Halloween holiday and the developers traditionally before the holiday released their update, which will add some elements of the holiday to the game. In your village you will see new decoration elements – pumpkins, new frightening trees and more. The royal ghost was added and the clan selection mechanism was completely redesigned. Yes, in this update, developers removed the global chat and added new tags for all players. Now all clans will be selected exclusively by new tags. The new search engine should become even better and smarter. Is this what we learn in the first days after the update. Recall the update is already available for download on our website.

The better your statistics, the better the clan is available to you

Players will be able to add new tags to their profile based on how their playing style and preferences. Are you the one who prefers the clan war of the League, or perhaps you always achieve maximum points in the games of the clan, or perhaps you are just like the social aspect of the game? For each player there is a mark.

Clan tags

Clan leaders and Co-leaders will also be able to add tags to their clan profile. For the clan, you can choose a different development path, which also depends on your favorite style of play. 15 different tags have been added that you can apply to your Clan to help optimize the search for new members.

New temporary Hero: Royal Ghost!

Royal ghost

This temporary fairytale character will be in your squad throughout the Halloween season.

Royal Ghost is a slow melee fighter. Its advantage in a large number of damage and the ability to pass through walls.


  • DPS (at Town Hall 12): 680.
  • HP (in Town Hall 12): 270.
  • Tuition: 3800 Elixir.
  • Training time: 37 sec.
  • Favorite Goal: Any.
  • Type of damage: single target.
  • Movement Speed: 16.


User Interface Improvement

Season Problem The user interface has been simplified to make it easier to navigate and provide clearer information.

Clan wars

Archival tasks.

If you have ever taken seasonal tests, but forgot about them, were interrupted and could not return to them in time, or simply could not finish them, a new option was added to reanimate expired tasks through gems.

Bonus – reward for excellent students.

If you score maximum points, you will be able to choose an additional reward from any of the unlocked tiers at the end of the Clan game.

Download a new update for Clash of Clans for Android

You can download the update to your android device from the link below through our website.

[af_link id=”403″ rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”]Clash_of_Clans_v11.866.1 DOWNLOAD APK[/af_link]

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