Download the latest version of the private server LWARB brawl stars 19.102 with Tick

A new version of the private server Lwarb Brawl stars 19.102 became available with the new fighter Tick dated August 17, 2019. This is the first free server, playing on which they will not demand money from you for improving and unlocking game modes. In the new update, you can find new skins, improved graphics and you can enjoy your favorite game with premium features.

Description of the beta version of the Lwarb server dated August 17, 2019


Tick ​​- the new character of Bravo Stars
Tick ​​- the new character of Bravo Stars

Lwarb upgraded its two servers to the latest official version of the game. A lot of its features have been added to the main version, improving an already exciting online strategy. Now the server has become truly online. Network battles became available, which was previously only in test modes. Updates received and old characters. Darryl, Shelley, Frank, BO and others received visual and technical changes.

Brawl Stars is by far one of the most popular games today. And especially with the private Lwarb Beta server, because it offers us a lot of different actions, playing on very interesting maps. But one of the biggest challenges for most players is getting gold and gems during the game, because they have to perform various tasks to achieve them. With this private server, now there are no such problems. Join the game and play for your pleasure.

List of changes:

  • Updated Bibi’s voice.
  • Improved store and redesigned.
  • Changed the game balance.
  • New map – Beach.
  • New character Tick.
  • Added completely new skins for characters.
  • Changed the characteristics of all characters.
  • Changed the main theme and sound.


new brawlersNew Piper Nita in brawl Stars



You can download the working version of the private server with an infinite ult through our website at the link below.

[af_link id=”341″ rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”]Download LWARB brawl stars 19.102[/af_link]

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