Download the Brawl Stars pirate update with new heroes

The developers released their large-scale winter update for the online game Brawl Stars and now the game has been updated to the latest version 24.150. You will find pirated content, two new characters Max and Bea, and many new improvements. Read more about this pirated update below.

Description of the New Brawl Stars update 24.150 December 2019

Bea and Max in the new Brawl Stars update

A pirate theme was added to the game, which you can already notice in the updated game logo. There are new pirate skins for your heroes, a new design and new gameplay. The characters received new features along with a new game balance and a new game mode was added.

 The main novelty is the appearance of two new brawlers Max and Bea. You could get acquainted with these two characters at the premiere of an update from the developers.

This year, the New Year mood will be created by pirates and pirated content. Our old heroes came to the game in full swing on the ship of Darryl and brought a lot of new things with them.

Update Features

New famous skins

New pirate skins:

  • Little Pirate.
  • Colt Corsair.
  • Captain carl.

Theft’s new game mode

In this update, a temporary event was added – the theft of gifts. This mode is very similar to capturing the flag, in which we must steal the enemy’s gift before the enemy does it. These gifts can be thrown over obstacles, not allowing the enemy to get ahead of you in capturing more gifts. By playing on this map you can use various strategies to win.

New game environment, new boot screen and new side menu

new boot screen

A new map has appeared in the game – the ship of Darryl. The boot menu has been replaced and a new side menu has appeared.

Download Brawlstars update for android

The update came out a week ago, but they specifically waited until the developers fixed all the bugs that arose after the release of this update. And now you can download the latest version of the update to your android without bugs and errors.

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