Download private server nulls 15.169 Brawl Stars

We present the update of the first private server for the game Brawl Stars v 15.169, in which they updated the skins, made some changes to the balance and added new fighters. Now you do not need to wait long to check all the new characters with the maximum level. Unlimited resources and endless possibilities are waiting for you in Brawl Stars Private Servers 2019!

Description of the private server Nulls Brawl 2019

Free gems brawl stars

Brawl Stars is a fun game in which you can fight with your friends or alone in various game modes in less than three minutes. Unlock and upgrade dozens of characters with powerful super abilities. Buy and collect unique skins to stand out and show off in the arena. Join or create a group to share tactics and fight together. Introducing the personal server Brawl Stars with new skins and unlimited possibilities, operating in 2019.

Game features:

  • Free gems.
  • Unite in a battle in real time 3×3 with players from around the world
  • Fast multiplayer mode Battle Royale, created for mobile devices.
  • Unlock and collect new, powerful bowlers – each with a proprietary attack and SUPER ability
  • New events and game modes daily
  • Battle solo or cooperative
  • Climb to the top of the leaders in global and local rankings
  • Join or start your own club with other players to share tips and fight together
  • Customize characters with the ability to unlock skins
  • Player-designed maps offer challenging new landscapes for mastering.

Features of private Brawl Stars servers

So basically, we all know that Brawl Stars is a game where, if you want to quickly level up, you need resources such as gems, coins.

The gem is a premium resource in the game where you have to buy it, giving away your hard earned money, who wants to spend hard earned money on games that are intended only for pleasure!

And trying different characters at different levels, opening different events, starting with a profile with a high level of experience is always fun.

Key Features of Brawl Private Servers:

  • Log in with an account that has the maximum level of experience.
  • New maps already unlocked.
  • Unlock each fighter from the general to the legendary.
  • Unlimited coins, coins are used to improve the game.
  • Unlimited gems. This is a premium currency. Get 9999999 gems to upgrade your characters.
  • Special skins are unlocked, each fighter will have their own special skins, why not enjoy different costumes, especially new skins Colt, Bull, Rico and many others.
  • Each event is unlocked, starting with Gem Grab and ending with Robo Rumble, play as you wish.
  • Around real players, play with them, create a new clan, join an existing clan.
  • Open an unlimited number of boxes, ranging from Fight Boxes to Megabox.
  • With gems, you can buy Mega Box for an unlimited amount of time.
  • Jin is unlocked, play with him and enjoy.

Well, I think you’ll be happy to try these features. There are many hidden features that you must download and test.

Brawl Stars Server Special Skins

Here are some special skins that you can see inside the servers.

Football Bull
Football Bull
Lunar Colt
Lunar Colt
Popcorn Rico
Popcorn Rico

What is a private server?

A private server is nothing but a completely different server hosting the same Brawl Stars game, but its root files have been changed to get unlimited resources, new characters, trophies and much more!

Download private server Bravo Stars

For Android, it’s very easy to download and install the server. You must download the Apk file and perform some basic procedures to accomplish this.

[af_link id=”192″ rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”]Brawl Stars Nulls v15.169 Private Server – Download Latest Version for Android[/af_link]


Download Bravo Stars IPA – the last private server on iOS

For iOS, there is a huge limitation in installing third-party applications on an iOS device, so follow this step to download and install Brawl Stars servers.
[af_link id=”193″ rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”]Download Brawl Stars v15.156.ipa server[/af_link]

Download IPA Brawl Stars Private Servers from the link above.
Remove all old mod versions for Brawl Stars.
To install a third-party application, follow these steps.
Connect your iPhone to your PC.
Open the iTunes app on your PC.
Select phone model on PC.
Click the “Applications” tab on the PC.
You must mark the file Ipa Private Servers, the marked file only go to your device.
Click Sync.
After the transfer of the application is completed, disconnect the iPhone.
This way, the servers will be installed automatically.
Now connect to VPN and enjoy Private Servers on iOS.

Like Android, Brawl Stars iOS servers are also updated monthly.

Frequently Asked Questions / FAQ

What if I received the Connection Lost error?

If you receive a connection error message, the server may be full or your VPN signal is weak, so try another time and change the VPN location to the USA, UK.

How to get an unlimited amount of gems?

Just go to the store, click on the items you want to buy, it will be credited automatically without a payment process.

Can I play with other players over the network?

Yes. Like the original Brawl Stars servers, people play on them too, so have fun, play as a team.

Will new characters be updated on this server?

Yes, whenever a new update appears, it is automatically added to our server.

Will the Trophy League Rewards Awards work?

Yes, everything will work as it is, All things in the original game, as it is, Some functions are only modified.

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