Download Lwarb Beta 16.167 Rev.9 Private Server

A new hacked server for the Brawl Stars game has become available – Lwarb Beta 16.167 Rev.9. You are waiting for new skins, unlimited resources and a new fighter. Upgrade your server and play Bravo Stars without limits.

Description of the private LWARB server dated May 08, 2019

Update Lwarb Beta 16.167

The developers released a new version of their server in which server stability was improved and new advantages were added over the original Bravo Stars game. With each version of this server, the LWARB team manages to improve the game and make it as similar as possible to a modified original. With this version, online battles were improved, game teams were added, a new hero was added, and new skins were added.

Server Features:

  • It is 100% free, 100% uptime and everything is unlimited, (resources, boxes).
  • Mortis got a new skin.
  • A new Beatbox Brock character has appeared. This is a modification of our old friend Brock.
  • New teams for fast pumping characters. Max – raise the level of characters to the maximum level; reset resets all changes to default values.

Do not wait any longer and join us by installing Lwarb!

Download LWARB Beta rev 9

The update was released on May 8 and is available for download. All game servers are already updated and ready for games. You can download the update from the link below through our website. To install, download the APK file and run it on your device.

[af_link id=”308″ rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”]Download LWARB Beta rev 9[/af_link]

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