Download Brawl Stars update September 2019

New premium update for Brawl Stars has been released. This is by far the latest working version of the game in which you will find all the new characters including the newest Sandy. What else to expect in this update, read below in our article.

Description of the latest Brave Stars update

Brawl Stars update September 18, 2019


In the new update you are waiting for:

  • Two new browlers.
  • Two new game modes.
  • New skins for characters.
  • New cards.
  • Bug fixes and better game optimization.


Primary attack: Pebble Blast Sandy throws sand that hits an enemy.

Super Ability: Sandstorm Sandy throws a sand shield that lasts for 12 seconds and hides friendly Brawlers / characters inside him.

New Lone Star Game Mode – A Fresh Look at the Bounty Free for All

  • 10 players solo game mode.
  • The player with the most stars at the end of the battle wins.
  • Players are reborn on the edge of the map after a defeat.
  • Current player position information is shown in the upper right corner.
  • One star can be collected from the middle of the map.

New game mode! Takedown – Battle of other brawlers trying to do the most damage to Bot Boss

  • 10 players solo game mode.
  • All players fight against each other, as well as against AI-controlled characters.
  • The player who does the most damage to the boss wins the game.
  • Players are reborn on the edge of the map after a defeat.
  • Energy cubes appear randomly at the edges of the map.

New skins!

New skins are available for Gene, Sandy and other characters.


Download Brave Stars update version 21.73 of September 20, 2018 for android

You can download the new update from the link below through our website.

[af_link id=”361″ rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”]Brawl Stars 21.73 – DOWNLOAD[/af_link]

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