Bravl Stars character review – CROW

Brawl Stars is a game for smartphones in which players fight in 3 and 3. In the game you are waiting for a variety of heroes in the arsenal of which not only firearms, but also the forces of nature. Today we will tell about the hero brawl -Crow. Character with exclusive skills will appeal to many.


Crow in Brawl Stars

CROW – a new star online shooter Brawl stars. This is a fighter for a quick and deadly attack. Raven has low health, which is compensated by its speed and additional features. He has three poisoned daggers who will gladly throw at any enemy within sight.

Daggers cause damage to enemies when they hit them, and then they do additional damage for a time equal to the amount of damage dealt by the initial hit on the target, until the poison passes after a while. The attack has a large radius of action, and the effect of poisoning prevents automatic treatment.

This Crow, Brawler, besides, still scares the enemies with his appearance of a vampire and bats around him!

Name: CROWCROW brawler
Type: remote (far)
Speed: 750
Points of damage: 600
Rarity: the legendary.
His abilities
Throwing a knife: A raven throws three poisoned daggers. Enemies affected by his blades will receive damage for a while.
Swoop: Crow draws the sky, throws a ring of poisoned daggers around him both during takeoff and landing.

Crow can be unlocked at the cost of 100 gold or you can buy for gems in the game store. All duplicates of Crow will be converted to tokens. These tokens will later be used as changeable chips for buying characters that you have not yet discovered.

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