Brawl Stars – Colt Review

In this article we will tell you about the sheriff from the game Brawl Stars – Colt. He is armed with two revolvers and has several color skins. Read more about the new character read on.

 Description Character Colt

Brawler Colt

Colt is a Brawl Stars character who fights from a distance and is the sheriff of the game with his star and two revolvers! Colt has a very good range, while remaining very maneuverable. Use this advantage to kite your opponents.

A simple guide to using Colt

Colt is a strong fighter. He has a rather large attack range, but a rather narrow overview. If in the right hands, he is one of the most deadly characters in the game. If all three of his attacks reach the goal, even El Primo will be defeated.

Attack: six shooters

His deadliest weapon. He shoots in a straight line, inflicting massive damage, firing 6 bullets, inflicting 80 damage to each bullet. His attack speed is moderately high, so sometimes you can miss shots.

Shoot twice to kill any enemy and you can even kill El Primo with three shots.

This may seem very simple, but the truth is that it is quite difficult to make all strikes against the enemy.

In general, over time, having trained you can easily defeat opponents.

Colt Star Skins

The game has a choice of two skins.


colt-rockstar image
colt image base
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