Clash of clans update 13.180.3-super troops, new levels and village improvements

Clash of clans 13.180.3

A new update for the popular game Clash of Clans has been released.You are waiting for four new super troops, new village improvements and new levels for all buildings, and much more.

Clash of clans update 13.180.3

Clash of clans 13.180.3

Despite the success of his games Brawl Stars, the developers did not forget about his earlier project strategy Flare of clans. The update was global and major changes were made.

Now you can create new super-troops from your units. To do this, you will have to upgrade the town hall to level 11.

Update features:

  • New super troops, the Sneaky Goblin, a Barbarian Super, Super Giant, Super Stenovoy.
  • New levels for buildings.
  • Improvements in your village.
  • Adjusted the game balance.


Super barbianSneaky Goblin


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