Brawl Stars – Brock Character Review

We present a brief overview of the hero Brock from the game Brawl Stars. This is the first star having in the arsenal of the rocket. You can learn more in this article.

Brock character description

Brawler Brock

Brock is a character from the Brawl Stars game who fights from a distance with a huge rocket launcher! You will need to collect 1000 trophies to unlock it. The best way to use it is to keep your distance and act as support from a distance. Your missiles can hit mortar targets hidden behind a wall. Try to shoot the enemy movements in advance in order to strike, because your shells are rather slow.

Type: Remote.
Speed: 720
Rarity: Epic.

Super Ability: Rocket Drive

Brock shoots ballistic shells that destroy walls and shelters.

Exploded rockets create fires during an explosion. Enemies caught in fire take 240 damage per second.

For him, the game has two types of costumes, as well as for the Colt. You are available base and beach suits.

That’s all. Have a nice game.

Description of the full version of the game Brawl stars can be found here.

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