Brawl Stars Update for Android – September 2018

It was a great September update. This update adds 2 new browsers, a new game mode and many other materials.

tara and pam to brawl stars

Update Brawl Stars September 2018

The game has two new characters.

Новый боец Brawler Pam.

This is a long-range character with ethical value and good weapons.

  • Speed-650
  • HP-1000.




Brawler Тара.

Long-range character with high damage rip, but low health. Use it at long distances and do not let close opponents.


  • Speed 650
  • HP 800
  • Tara драка звезды

New game mode – Fight Ball

Режим потасовка мяч


The newest game mode. Play along with your team to win this competition. Will work the same way as football, score a goal to win.

New shop

New browsers are already in the store: Rare, Super Rare and Epic.


новые коробки драка звезды

New Store Brawler Insert: Rare, Super Rare and Epic – Contain the Buyan of a selected rarity.

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