Brawl Stars game modes

The developers from Supercell presented at least 4 different modes of their new game Brawl Stars. Read more about them below in our article.

brawl stars mode

Brawl Stars game modes

Brawl Stars is a multiplayer game for combat-type smartphones 3 vs 3, very much like a flared piano and a clash of clans. This team action currently has 4 game modes: Bounty, Smash & Grab, Heist and Showdown.

Bounty mode

Bounty is a rather interesting type of game where players must collect stars. To win, you need to collect more than others. To collect these stars, you need to kill the enemy maximum, without being killed in response. The team with the most stars at the end of the game wins.

Robbery / Heist mode

The second game mode called Robbery. One of the tasks in this mode is to commit robberies and try to steal the chest of the opposing team. The first team to capture the treasures of the opposing team is winning!

Smash & Grab mode

The third way to play Brawl Stars, Smash & Grab mode. Here he will not act to rob chests and collect coins, but to accumulate crystals that are scattered around the map. The goal is to restore 10 to the opposite team, which will start the timer and allow the team with the most crystals won the game after the countdown has passed completely.

Showdown mode

The latest game mode is presented in the Brawl Stars ad, Showdown mode. This mode is very different from the previous three, because it is the only game mode where each player will play personal. Indeed, in the format of Last Man Standing, players will only emerge victorious and face the battle of 9 opponents and the last player to be alive wins the game.

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