Brawl Stars – BO character review

Introducing the new character for the new online game Brawl Stars – BO. This is a hero who owns a bow and many traps ready to surprise and amaze opponents.

brawler bo

Overview of the new character BO

A good ranged attack that shoots 3 arrows.
His laid mines are invisible, so it is great for protection against robbery, as well as in the bushes.
Terrific in managing maps in Smash & Grab (or in ANY game mode) with 4 mines set. Potentially the best super ability in the game.

Name: BOбоулер БО
Type: long-range.
Speed: 650.
Damage points: 800.
Rarity: Epic.
Sharp eyes: Bo shoots three arrows at the same time, ripping the enemy like the claws of an eagle.
Sly traps: Bo sets a mine – a trap on the ground. Enemies who find themselves in the affected area explode.

Bo has 800 health, which can be useful for tanking enemies from afar, so he has a very good class of support.

He has a basic attack with three exploding arrows, which shoot with a spread slightly less than Shelley. Each arrow does 80 base damage, increased by 4 with each update.

Bo has three hidden mines on the battlefield, which are launched when the enemy steps on them. These mines do 300 base damage each, upgraded to 15 for each upgrade.


Bo is very strong, destroying enemies in the distance.

He can overtake most browsers, except Ricochet, Piper, Brock, and a sniper with a shotgun. This allows him to effectively pursue the enemy, without exposing himself to too much danger.

Best game modes / Strategy:

  • Smash и Grab

In my opinion, this is the most powerful Bo game mode.

By placing the mines in the center of the entrance of the Bone Box card, you can stop the enemy team with minimal losses, preventing them from getting to the middle of the map by placing the mines near the control points.

Because of his relatively high health, Bo can take on the role of capturing all the gems, and holding them, while providing support for the rear for your team.

If you have Mortis on your team, have him take the gems and instead put pressure on opponents from him using his explosive arrows.

  • Bounty

Like most other Brawlers, Bo leads the way in this game mode.

The most important strategy here will be at a great distance from the enemy. Destroy the enemy at a distance.

  • Heist

Bo is an interesting choice for this game mode.

It is quite effective in protecting it, because its mines can block the path to the safe, and you can simply spam your arrows in the direction of any points in order to delay the enemy.

However, when attacking you must be very careful.

First, place the mines in front of any walls blocking the safe. Once this is done, place your mines right on top of the safe. Every time when the enemy passes by the safe, they explode mines and do 900+ damage to the safe. If they don’t see where you place these mines, this is a super funny way to crack a damaged safe.

  • Showdown

If you are not very confident playing, I would not advise using it in Showdown.

It is not very good in 1×1 situations due to its relatively low solitary damage target.

However, there are several tricks that you can use to get pass far in this mode. Basically, trying to storm left as you take off – it makes all three arrows fly in a straight line. (Very useful for snipers.)

In addition, you can place your mines at the choke point on the map, then turn on the player and retreat to them. The enemy will go straight over them and take a lot of damage that should allow you to defeat them.

Tips and Tactics

Use Bo mines in heavy traffic zones to control common control points and high strategic value positions. For example, the jewel on Smash & Grab or the entrance to the safe on Heist.
Planting mines in the bushes is an effective way to damage opponents before attacking them.

This concludes our review. Hopefully, you are not wasting your time and learning something new about the new character of the BO.

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