Beginner’s Guide

This is a guide for trophy mining and climbing the Brawl Stars trophy ladder. How to quickly rise to high places in the game rating of the game and farm at high levels of the game you will find in this article.

Where to start farming in Bravl Stars

How to start playing

The goal for all new players is to unlock all bowlers. Here are the following awards for the first 3,000 trophies:

  • Nita, Colt, Bull, Jesse, Brock, Speaker and Beau.
  • 11 brawl boxes.
  • A choice of 400 points (allows you to choose who to upgrade).
  • 200 double tokens.
  • 600 coins.
  • 10 event tickets.
  • Unlocked Showdown.
  • Unlocked events.

To get 3000 trophies, here are the recommended points to prepare each fighter:

  • Shelly (500) – she does an excellent job in Showdown and Bounty mode.
  • Nita (500) – Brawl Ball, Showdown and Bounty.
  • Colt (400) – The best way to use it in modes – Smash & Grab, Bounty, Brawl Ball and Heist.
  • Bull (500) – Showdown and Bounty.
  • Jesse (400) – Smash & Grab, Brawl Ball and Heist.
  • Brock (300) – Brawl Ball and Heist.
  • Dynamike (400) – Smash & Grab and Heist.

If you are lucky and you got other fighters early, such as El Primo, Penny, Barley or any other legendary, then you need to earn fewer trophies for the fighters, which will allow you to unlock Bo faster.

Good game!

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