2020 Brawl Stars New Update – New Skins and Heroes

Yesterday a new video from the developers was released in which they talked about the new update. We are waiting for a new hero, Mr. P, a new game map and new skins. What awaits us in the lunar update Brawl Stars read on.

Description of the lunar update Brawl Stars 2020

The new fighter Mr. P in Brawl stars

This is the first update of 2020, which is dedicated to the Chinese New Year and contains an oriental theme. In the latest Bravl talk video they told us. They told us about the latest updates of the upcoming update.

New game card

According to the developers, the new environment was inspired by Japan and China and was executed in an oriental style. This is an arcade homeland of 8 bits. Whether they succeeded or not we will see in the new update. In the meantime, a small screen from the video.

new environment in the lunar update

New Game Brawler – Mr. P

New brawler Mister Pi

So far, there is very little information about this hero. he attacks with his suitcase, when hit by a target that bounces to nearby targets. Its super, also attacks from a long distance.

You can say this is a long-range fighter, but what characteristics he will have and what value is still unknown.

New skins

New skins will receive many brawlers. It:

  • New Brawler Mr. P.
  • The heroine of Bibi.
  • Ninja Tara.
  • Infected 8 bit.
  • Koala Nita.
  • New Piper.

Screenshots of new skins

Oriental skin of Bibi Koala Nita Ninja Tara 8 bit infested

Video presentation of the new update

Download lunar update Brawl stars for android

This update has not yet been released.


Download update Brawl Stars

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